The deal with my (seemingly absent) husband

I have been blogging about my travels and plans for travels, finances and plans for finances, et cetera, all without seemingly appropriate references to how/where/when/what my husband and partner is going to do.

David, my much beloved husband, is a teacher, writer, business expert, and novelist. He is also somewhat of a recluse. So, my husband and I don’t live together (or even in the same city). David lives about 175 miles away from me, in his house and favorite spot in the world, at the Gulf Coast. I live in my house, in my favorite spot in the world, in Austin, Texas.

Over the course of our relationship, we’ve lived together three times. The first time was for about 3 days, the second time was just over 3 months, and the third time was almost 3 years. After three attempts, we’ve discovered that living in separate houses works best for us.

We know this wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but for the introverted and independent types, it is a pretty nice deal. We drive back and forth and visit each other at our respective homes. As an example, this weekend I drove down to David’s house, where he took me out for a seafood dinner and nighttime walk along the Gulf Coast.  We had a wonderfully romantic evening.  He listened to me talk about all of my travel fantasies and I got an overview of his most recent business brainstorms and successes.

After a leisurely morning of coffee in bed, I headed back to Austin. It was nice.  : )

David is coming to visit me at my house this Thursday. I can’t wait!

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