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My sister wants to read my blog

I let it slip.
Joey knows I am (still) blogging.
She wants to read what I’ve written.
My response, “Well, I’ve kept it kind of private. I’ve written pretty candidly about myself, our relationship… mom.”
Joey, “You’ve written about me!”
Me, “Well…. I wrote about my struggling with feeling like you were kind of appropriating my trip.”
Joey, “I want to [...]

In the rain at PPL

I wimped out.
It was raining. Traffic was backed up on the surrounding freeways. I drank too much wine last night.
In a post luncheon suit and heels, I felt like an idiot asking about diesel pushers. (I swear to God, two guys were looking at me and laughing.)
Even though I didn’t test drive anything, I did [...]

PPL Motorhomes

I am headed to Houston today to test drive some diesel pushers!  I hope to eventually buy something in the 35 ft range, so was happy to see they’ve recently added a 1995 36 ft Foretravel to their inventory.
I promise not to buy anything, yet.
I will post an update after I get back.
Wish me luck!


In 2006, I returned to Austin to work with my beloved academic mentor, Bob Solomon.
In 2007, while changing plans in the Zurich Airport, Bob unexpectedly died.
His life and death had a profound impact on people around the world.
Here is an excerpt of his philosophy (from his cameo appearance in The Waking Life) that many found [...]

It looks good on you, though.

My husband has never been a fan of my decorating style. One person described it as “whimsical Alfred Hitchcock” and another as “creepy, but still cool.”
I like to think of my tiny house as vintage funky. But at 880 sq ft. (and with only one closet), my OCD has to stay in overdrive to keep [...]

One point for the bookworm

My trip to the Arctic Ocean has this strangely dual quality of being almost completely private  (friends and most of my family unaware) and completely public (openly shared on this semi-anonymous blog).
I think starting this blog is a way to create a protected space where I hope people will be supportive of me and this [...]

Registering for Auto Mechanics!

I’ve met with an advisor and have my courses selected for my Auto Technician certificate! For the spring semester, I will be taking:

Introduction to Automotive Technology
Automotive Electrical Systems
Automotive Suspension and Steering
Automotive Engine Repair

I am completely terrified of people

A while back I read a post about RVing and introversion by Cherie on  Her post was very comforting to me and has become one of the 100 random thoughts circling repetitively through my head.
Her take is basically what I am hoping will be the case for me – the fact that she can [...]

I’m gonna get a big ass diesel pusher

The longer I wait, the bigger it gets.  More research has me now fixated on the diesel pusher class A.  I test drove a gasoline powered class A, but, after more research (and a lot of help from the Yahoo Diesel RV Group) I’ve decided to test drive the diesel pusher.
Having fishtailed under a semi [...]

How do you tell family they can’t come with you?

I’ve been working hard to plan my move to an RV and my inaugural drive to the Arctic. As evidenced by previous posts, I’ve spent almost TOO much time planning for a seemingly infinite variety of possibilities.
So, after all of my hard work, research, extensive planning, etc., my late-to-the-game sister is getting excited, saying, “Send [...]

Jenny the Roofer

At 2:00 pm. Ruth Ann walks through my front gate, her eyes on the peeling grey paint and overgrown landscaping.
“Jennifer, how are you? Have you finished your PhD?”
Stepping into her hug, I glance self consciously at my neglected yard, “Uh, well, no, I quit.”
I met Ruth Ann while crashing open houses for homes I couldn’t [...]

Home Listing Price, part II

My appointment with my real estate agent was rescheduled for today. She will be here at 2pm to see the remodel as well as to show me comparable sales for my neighborhood.
Please be close to $300K!

A 2X4 to the head would be nice.

The more I learn about RVs, the more frustrated I get with figuring out what I should purchase. My kind advisors fall into a few camps. Advice varies from:

Don’t overthink this – just buy an affordable, used class A motorhome for your first year ($35Kish). After that, you can trade in knowing exactly what you [...]

You are going to be murdered!

When I tell people (quite tentatively, I’ll admit) that I’m selling my house and moving into an RV, I get a few different reactions. Most women are of the, “You go girl!” variety, but many of my Texas women friends (of the big hair, big SUV, and really big purse variety) look at me with [...]

Home listing price

My real estate agent, Ruth Ann, is coming by tomorrow to check out my house.  I am wondering if she thinks the appraisal is a bit high at $323K.  My house is only 880 sq ft!

Almost all of the value is in the lot. I think my county tax appraisal has my lot valued at [...]