Arctic Ocean itinerary

After an obsessive weekend of research, I now have a very detailed itinerary on how I will drive to the Arctic Ocean for summer solstice.

It is actually not that complicated! I would drive across the US to visit Yellowstone, then to Glacier National Park, then into Alberta, Canada, across British Columbia (where I pick up the Alcan Highway), into the Yukon (where I pick up the Dempster Highway) and then make my way to the Northwest Territories!   I do have to fly the last 100 miles from Inuvik to get to the tiny community of – get this name – Tuktuuyaqtuumukkabsi. (They call it Tuk; the long name means, “place of caribou.”).arctic ocean

Tuk is on the Arctic Ocean and not accessible by land in the summer, but they have plane service from Inuvik for about $300.

All in all, about 4,429 miles to get there. On my day by day itinerary, which accounts for quite a few rest and siteseeing days,  it would take me about a month.

The amazing realization is that I don’t have to have the RV to make this whole thing work. At every locale, I’ve noted the RV park where I would stay (yes, complete OCD on the itinerary detail; it is already five pages and includes notes for every RV service station I could find), but they all have small lodges there as well.

I want the RV, but it is nice to know that I can do this even if I can’t get one.


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