The Road to Inuvik

My Milepost arrived in the mail today! The Milepost is an annually updated publication on driving the Alaskan Canadian highway, popularly referred to (well, by the few that might refer to it) as the Alcan. It is still an ambitious longshot for me, but I am up studying the suggested itineraries.

Fairbanks, Alaska is about 500 miles from the Arctic Ocean – where I can go if I want my rendezvous with the ocean to be in an ugly oil town called Deadhorse. A little research, and I think I’ll opt for the town of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories. Inuvik (meaning “place of man”) is a small community of indigenous peoples to the arctic, the Inuit.  Eskimos!  (An acceptable collective term that refers to a few different indigenous groups that live in the region.)

The roughest part of the trip would be the last 460 miles, a gravel road which takes about 16 hours to drive.

The Road to Inuvik, the Dempster Highway

The Road to Inuvik, the Dempster Highway

I would also have to plan my route across the US to Canada, and, while most would take the trip up through Seattle and along the Pacific coast, I think I want to head through Wyoming and Montana so that I can visit Yellowstone and Glacier National Park. (I’ll admit at the moment the I cannot recall which one is north of which and/or which park is in which state.)

All in all, the round trip would be about 9,000 miles.

Probably too crazy of an idea.

I’d better head to bed.

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