What to do until then

I feel TRAPPED in my house. My cute little bungalow, that I love, feels like a prison. I want to drive away.  But I can’t, just yet.

my house

my tiny house

So, to feel like I am still working toward my simpler life on the road, I’ve decided to beef up my knowledge on related topics . Since I know nothing about cars, but feel that some auto-mechanical aptitude would be useful (or necessary?) for a woman traveling alone in her car,  I enrolled in the Automotive Technology program at a local technical school.

It not only will increase my confidence, but satisfies my newfound obsession with simpler self-reliance. Not that I won’t use my local mechanic (Groovy Automotive,with its peace sign logo and heavily pierced mechanics, almost makes it a fun thing to do), but I want to improve my, “It just won’t go no more” approach to car diagnostics.

School won’t start until next semester, so just for fun, I’ve also enrolled in short courses in sewing, knitting (a reluctant cave to the trend), and boxing (a clear indicator that I just might be losing my mind).

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