What I really want to do

is live in my car.

I don’t know why. I just want the simplicity. I want the mobility. I don’t want all of this stuff that I have to store, clean, maintain.  Compared to most people, I probably don’t really have that much. I live in an 880 sq ft minimalist house and drive a five year old economy hatchback. I do have a lot of books and a lot of clothes.

What I have that would be very hard to part with:

  • Four large bookcases of books. An equal amount stored in my garage.
  • One beautiful antique dining room table.  My husband wrote all of his books on that table… I love that table.
  • Other misc sentimental small objects.
  • My computer and my phone
  • Some of my (shamefully expensive) clothes

What I have that would be sort of hard to part with:

  • My green modern sofa
  • My two cool modern chairs
  • My funky green TV trays
  • Other miscellaneous one of a kind vintage items (vintage Playboys, cool ass lamps, 1960s black and white TV, etc)
  • My StairMaster, which I got for a mere $300.

What I have that I wouldn’t miss:

  • Living room chair, two ottomans, TV table
  • HD flat screen TV
  • Xbox 360 and expensive games
  • All of my modern kitchen stuff, dishes, etc.

So, do I have the guts to have a big garage sale? I feel burdened by all of these material things that I have to keep up with, so why do I feel so anxious about getting rid of them?

Tomorrow I am going to get rid of something.


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