Fulltime Van Plan

I seem to have convinced David of my plan. It involves renting out my (much adored) central Austin house, upgrading his gulf coast home to be our ‘home base’, and, here’s the best part, the purchase of a van for me to live and travel in! (Duration, undetermined.)

I am up late obsessing what kind of van to purchase. I’ve traveled in an RV, which was too lumbering. I traveled in my car with a tent, which was too cramped. I want a travel camper van. I love customization of the Sportsmobile, but, to get amenities necessary for full time living, I would have to order mine new. My quick math on their worksheet had me at about $70K – a bit too much for my van plan….

So, I am thinking a used Roadtrek van. I hate the appearance and the bathroom is terrible,  but I could probably get one 5 years old or so for closer to $30K?

I am probably totally deluded that I can do this. I spent $180 coloring my hair today and then tried (unsuccessfully) to get an appt for  Botox (knocks those lines out between your eyes) and Juvederm (fillers for the lines around your mouth).  I guess my simple life still includes a lot of vanity.  I wonder if the ugliness of the Roadtrek (think driver with a mullet) will help or hurt.


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