Zion National Park Tunnel

You used to only be able to enter Zion National Park from the west, but in 1922 they blasted their way through the sandstone to create an eastern entrance.  At the time, it was the most expensive mile of road ever developed in the United States – $2 million dollars, on the eve of the Great Depression.

As I approached the tunnel, the cars ahead of me were allowed to proceed, but I was held back. Flagged to open my window by the National Parks attendant, I was handed a relay stick and told to give it to the attendant at the other end.  This was their method for making sure the one way traffic into the park was halted and the exiting traffic could proceed. (The tunnel is too small for two way traffic with modern cars. Also, if you are driving an RV, you have to reserve and advance escort through the tunnel.)

Since I had the luck of being the ONLY car in the tunnel as I passed through, I took the liberty to video the experience. (You will note when I try to shift my standard transmission and man the camera at the same time.)

In any case, I thought the tunnel was cool.
*video removed*

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