One day, four states

In the interest of updating my blog, I am going to seriously lower the standard of writing.  Trying to write after eleven hours of driving is tough. BUT, today’s drive was unbelievable.

I woke up really early, so was on the road before six. I know the Texas panhandle is not celebrated for it’s beauty, but as I was driving out, the sun was coming up behind me, the full moon was in the sky ahead of me, a long, slow train was passing along…. abandoned farm houses, old wind mills, bright yellow flowers everywhere, and scrappy  little trees… It WAS beautiful. Maybe the sunrise (or morning caffeine highs) can make anything beautiful, but I have to say, the panhandle was at its best this morning.

So, a distant view of a short little mesa as I am making my way through the northeast corner of New Mexico, but, as soon as I crossed into Colorado, a dramatic change of scenery.  I had to seriously slow down to navigate the mountainous curves of I-25.  Here is a shot from the safety of a rest stop.

Interstate 25 view in CO

An early exit onto route 160 took me through lots of small towns, and though more mountains than I was expecting. My poor little car, it wasn’t until I noticed a funny burning smell at a scenic rest stop that I realized I needed to use low gear for the steep declines.  I couldn’t stop to take photos of the drive, until I was forced to stop at road construction, so here is a little sample, as well as a bad photo from the scenic rest stop:

My car smells funny

Colorado 160

The downhill had me nervous. There were warnings of a 10 mile decline, with several directions for “Run Away Trucks” to exit onto the “Runaway Truck Ramp.” I was eyeing them myself as I worried that I had blown out my brakes.

Notice the track marks in that sandy incline? Imagining a truck barreling down the hill and needing that ramp was only raising my blood pressure…

holy shit

So, I am settled in at a boring little motel in the boring little town of Blanding, Utah.  Tomorrow’s drive is what I’ve made this big trek to Utah for, so I am looking forward to it!

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