The Problem of Peeing

Most campsites have public restrooms, which means no real roughing it in that regard. But that 3am quick run to the bathroom does pose a few problems.  I just don’t think I’m going to want to stumble across a campground in the middle of every cold night – flashlight in hand – to go pee.

So, I’ve become quite an expert in the you-don’t-have-to-leave-your-tent-lady solutions to this problem.

Here’s a surprisingly popular suggestion, the Freshette by Freshette:


People use these? Really? That just has 3 am disaster written all over it.

Another popular, albeit more expensive, option:


But I drive an economy hatchback. I just don’t see myself lugging a portable toilet in and out my car to every campsite….

Most women campers say they use a waste bag of some sort (some with the personal pink urinal, shown above), but that just seems too perilous to me.

Luckily, my sister JC has discovered a brilliant and affordable solution!


At first I thought she was kidding, but… the more I thought about it…  it sort of makes sense. You don’t have to WEAR Depend diapers, but you use and quickly dispose of them without the obvious risks of all those other plastic containers! Think of it as a one-use toilet. I swear, JC is onto something here. Those camper women need to stop using their lunch baggies….

On a final note, what I’ve found to be an unexpectedly interesting part of my travels (including the RV and summer trailer adventure) is having to more closely grapple with the question of what it is you really need. You already know the Walden-style claim… you don’t need all that stuff.  But what I’ve found even more challenging is having to solve the problems with regard to the things we do need.  We need water – a lot, every day. We need a way to keep food preserved (buying foods with preservatives, frequenting a (usually distant) grocery store for fresh items, and/or hoping your ice lasts a few days in the heat). Bathing and clothes washing – seriously. These take a TON of (preferably heated) water! Try an adventure in a little motorhome, or on a plot of land with limited water, power, and no trash service…Hey, your great-gramma could do it….it’s actually kind of fun…

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