I recognize that you think this is a terrible idea

Two days of obsessive researching and I think I have my driving and lodging plan all set.  Adding in all the Southern Utah sites I want to visit on my way to the Grand Canyon, I’ve calculated that I will be on the road for two weeks — unless I can figure out a way to stay on the road longer. A calculus dependent upon my new idea…

I don’t currently live in my car, because I cannot afford to buy a decent van right now.  So, my biggest obstacle to satisfying my wanderlust is the incredible expense of hotel stays. The most basic Holiday Inn’s often run $150 a night, so one month of travel already racks up $4,500 in just hotel expenses! Not a sustainable plan for my dream of living on the road.

Follow me on this downward spiral… I’ve decided to buy a tent!  I am really excited!  I found one online for $75 dollars, but other than that purchase, I am going pretty basic.  Since I won’t be camping in super cold places (like the North Rim, where it gets below freezing) I think I can get most of what I need for fall camping at the Goodwill.

I’ve figured I need:

  • Shelter from weather and bugs (the tent)
  • A way to stay comfortable and warm (lots of quilts and blankets)
  • A method for preparing food. (I am going to try campfire cooking. Potatoes baking in the coals, eggs and bacon in the skillet, boiled water and coarse grounds for coffee…this cannot be too much of an expert skill, can it?)
  • Light (fire and flashlight)
  • Water (a gallon per day)
  • A way to go to the bathroom…. I’ll leave that for another blog, but, thanks to my sister, I think I’ve got it figured out.

I should have my tent by Wednesday, so will be doing a test run in my back yard.

One week until departure!

I am very excited!!

tent in wind

She's actually very happy in there...

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