Off to cooler climes

Re-entry from cool Northern Michigan has not been easy.  The record heat wave and drought have my air conditioning heaving. My yard and landscaping did not survive my absence, and water restrictions are being enforced with $500 tickets for violators.  (And in my eco-aware neighborhood, being caught watering or even having a hint of green in your lawn is cause for neighborhood scorn.)   Want an idea of how dry it is? Here is a photo of one of our local marinas:


So, it looks like a good time to take off again. Fortunately, last spring’s whim has turned into an actual road trip this month. Thinking I was going to make an RV purchase this summer, I booked a campsite at the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon. (The only reservations available were six months out.)  A change of plans meant no RV for me, but my heart was still set on the trip. I thought I might just tent camp at my reserved site, but nighttime temperatures drop below freezing at that elevation, so that really wasn’t an option (especially for someone who has never camped before).

On (yet another) whim, I thought I’d check out the unlikely possibility that the nearby lodge would have had some rooms open up. I was in luck! I got a three night reservation at the Northern Rim Lodge, so am all set for my adventure!

After my speed-demon drive across the continent this summer (1,100 miles in one day; not recommended and never to be repeated), I decided to blaspheme family tradition and take a more leisurely and scenic trip to the Northern Rim.  So, road trip plan is that I will drive up to the Texas panhandle (a not so scenic day one) and cut across the corner of New Mexico. That sets me up for drive through a beautiful highway across southern Colorado, then through the sites of Southern Utah, and finally into the Grand Canyon.  Return trip will take me through Arizona and into Santa Fe, where I’ll meet up with my dear husband for his birthday!

Rear View Mirror Sky

So, ten days until departure and I think I’ve got it planned out. Wish me luck!

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