Monthly Archives: August 2009

Goodwill finds

I went to the Goodwill today to stock up on miscellaneous items for my trip. Considering my long time desire to live in a van, these were too cute for me to pass up! $1.00 for the two plastic plates.

Six days until departure!

The Problem of Peeing

Most campsites have public restrooms, which means no real roughing it in that regard. But that 3am quick run to the bathroom does pose a few problems.  I just don’t think I’m going to want to stumble across a campground in the middle of every cold night – flashlight in hand – to go pee.
So, [...]

I recognize that you think this is a terrible idea

Two days of obsessive researching and I think I have my driving and lodging plan all set.  Adding in all the Southern Utah sites I want to visit on my way to the Grand Canyon, I’ve calculated that I will be on the road for two weeks — unless I can figure out a way [...]

Off to cooler climes

Re-entry from cool Northern Michigan has not been easy.  The record heat wave and drought have my air conditioning heaving. My yard and landscaping did not survive my absence, and water restrictions are being enforced with $500 tickets for violators.  (And in my eco-aware neighborhood, being caught watering or even having a hint of green [...]

The Grotto of Redemption

I am on my way home from Northern Michigan and decided to hit one roadside attraction. So, you are wondering, what did I find in Iowa after driving off the freeway through one hundred miles of corn fields until my cell phone stopped working?

Wrong! Here, in rural West Bend, Iowa (population 834) literally in the [...]

One big post on Northern Michigan

So, despite my good intentions, I neglected to post anything about my summer escape to Northern Michigan.  In lieu of that, here are some pictures.